8 February 2017

Is it necessary to learn languages nowadays?

It is said that in a near future we will all have a little device, similar to a hearing-aid, which will enable us to understand people speaking another language. So, will it be necessary to learn languages?

On the one hand, learning a language is a way to undertand another culture and see things froma a different perspective. What's more, it develops learning skills and exercices your brain. In addition, every language is unique, so that's why we should ensure their continuity and variability in order to make the world richer.

On the other hand, having one of these devices would save you a lot of time and effort. Moreover, it would make it easier to travel around the world and would avoid misundertandings. Furthermore, we would be able to understand many languages, more than the ones we learn by heart.

To sum up, in the future it won't be necessary to learn a language though I think that everyone shoud. People who think it's useless should turn their minds around and change their attitude.

Maria Barber and Marta González

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