8 February 2017

Residence hall or sharing a flat?

Nowadays, most students have to study far from home, so they must find somewhere to live. Choosing the right place is very important and many families have a huge doubt: should they live in a residence hall or share a flat?

On the one hand, staying in a residence hall is very comfortable. There, you can focus on studying, as someone else will do the housework for you. In addition, in most residences, you don't have to cook and a healthy diet is guaranteed. Furthermore, you are surrounded by students like you, so you can meet new people or ask somebody for help if you have any problem. 

On the other hand, it's thought that residences don't train you for real life. For this reason, other options as sharing a flat are very popular. Living on your own or with friends also lets you make your own timetable, while in a residence you must obey their rules. 

To sum up, all living options have advantages and disadvantages so the decision depends on every situation. Anyway, in our opinion, parents should let their children choose what they want.

Pau Cardona and Ángel Molero

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