2 April 2016


   At present many youngsters who are studying so as to obtain a degree are sharing flat with other students. However, it isn’t an easy decision.

   On the one hand, sharing a flat is cheaper and more affordable than living alone. Moreover, it’s a pretty good option for the ones who are afraid of loneliness because they will be living together with more people. Flatmates mean company, regardless of whether the relationship is good or bad.

   On the other hand, it is rarely easy because everybody has their own manias which can bother the others. Thus, it’s very important to make sure that you have enough knowledge of the candidate’s personality before making up your mind and choosing him or her as your flatmate. In addition, both the tenant and the lodger should agree on mod cons use and on co-habitation rules.

    All in all, choosing the appropriate flatmate is essential. It’s not advisable to leave the decision open until the last moment because then, everything can turn into a mess.

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