2 April 2016


When students have to go to university they search other people to share a flat with, instead of going to a residence Hall. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to sharing a flat.

The main advantage is that normally people who share a flat are not alone, they live together and they always have someone to have lunch or dinner with. There is also a financial advantage; to share a flat is cheaper than a residence hall. Finally in the flat you have more freedom, for example nobody tells you anything or you can return to your house whenever you want.

The most serious disadvantage is that the habits of one of the flatmates can be annoying for the others and this can cause arguments between them, this can even make you lose contact with your friend forever. Moreover, sharing a flat involves a lack of privacy because you have to share the bathroom, the living room or the kitchen.

All in all, in my opinion, sharing a flat with other students is the best option because the disadvantages can be solved with strict regulations.

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