2 April 2016

Sharing a flat with other students

We all think sharing a flat with other students will be easy and full of great and fun times. Nevertheless, it is not always this way.

First of all, sharing a flat with people of your similar age can make you learn many different points of view. Besides, your flatmates will keep you company and probably, will end up being great friends. In addition, you can all share the house chores so no one will do extra work.

However, sometimes, this work sharing can lead to a huge problem when somebody doesn’t do their job and it can be even worse if you don’t really get along with each other. Eventually, sometimes can happen that somebody has to study for the exams, but the rest have free time and they want to have fun, but the other one needs silence to get concentrated, so it can be also a problem.

In conclusion, sharing a flat can be one of the best times of your life, or it can become your worst nightmare.

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