2 April 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of Drones

Drones are the future of transport but also the first symptom that the idea of war is changing, it's becoming digital. It's important to remember that drones, at first, were created for military purposes just like GPS and radars.

Drones are the most  powerful weapons because they can cause important casualties without the danger of losing pilots. Moreover, these devices will improve our security as they can be used as moving cameras. Also, drones can be very fun toys that kids can play with like radio controlled cars or helicopters. 

On the other hand, drones can be useful when safety measures are taken, but at the same time they can be hidden easily and spy on our private lives, thus making us lose our privacy. Another disadvantage of drones is that they can be easily hacked and this is very negative in modern warfare.

Drones are causing a big impact in our lives and will probably be the future of warfare because it's a perfect weapon that can kill the enemy without putting pilots in danger but they can be hacked. Also drones will improve our safety without affecting our privacy. 

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