2 April 2016

•Should the use of drones be restricted?

Drones are becoming more and more popular in our society because they are very useful. But also have a negative side since there are lots of them and it is a chaos.

First of all we have to mention that If we restrict them it could cause a shock in those who are used to using them wherever they are. Besides, ordinary people who only want to  take a good photo  say that it makes no sense to restrict them because the only thing that they do  is help us in many different ways.

Some people, who believe that the use of drones should be restricted despite  their popularity  and different uses , argue that there are more and more accidents between airplanes and drones because they move freely. If we restricted the area and the use we could stop this problem.  

To conclude, people should understand that drones could be a good thing but as  everything they cause some problems, that’s why I think that we should restrict their use to avoid accidents.

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