2 February 2016

TV series, in original version or dubbed?

TV series are one of the most important source of entertainment. There are lots of TV series, with very different plots and each is different from the others. The most famous TV series are often translated to some other languages. So,is itrecommendable to watch them in original version?

First of all, watching TV series in original version helps you to learn better its language; you can improve your pronunciation and your capacity to understand its speakers. Furthermore, when you watch it in original version, you enjoy it more because the interpretations of the characters are more linked to their conversations or to the way they have to speak. Finally, watching TV series with no dubbing / in original version implies that songs are in original version and they are always better and more understandable . Sometimes some translated songs are wrong and have translation mistakes. 

To sum up, I think that it’s completely recommendable to watch TV series in their original version if you want a better and more enjoyable experience.


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