2 February 2016

Should men and women share housework?

Actually, there is more equality between men and women than a few years ago. Not long ago, the man was much more overrated than the woman,and forbade her to do many things that only the man could do, such as voting for the elections, work, go into different places.

In my opinion, the fact that today, the household chores are shared between husband and wife, is positive, because it means that both men and women are equal. First of all, because household chores have always been related to women, and that is not right for them. Secondly, I think that men have to help in the house because women have other things to do than doing household chores, and are entitled to have some free time to do sport or other hobbies.

In conclusion, we could say that men and women have to share housework for their own good , it is bad if only one of them does the job.

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