2 February 2016


Nowadays we live in a society where not only men can access the world of work but also women. Therefore , the myths that the women are the ones who have to do the housework have become obsolete. 

First of all I think that sharing the house chores equally would benefit both parties, since both of them will do the same work as the other. Besides, establishing some housework rules could avoid arguments. 

Secondly, men can also do the same task as women , I mean that they can also care for children, make the meals or clean the house. In addition, seeing a man that does this kind of things is more attractive than seeing another man that doesn’t do anything. 

In summary, the housework is not only for a woman, men have two hands and two legs too in order to help with the household chores. And to sare these tasks could offer a good cohabitation.

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