14 January 2018


These days, processed food takes an important role in our lives. We can find it pretty much everywhere, although in a rather more unhealthy way. But the important question is what its scope is. 

Firstly, it is a well-known fact that it will be crucial for the future. Scientists claim that there will come a time when population will have increased and so will the effects of the climate change, which will mean lack of essentials such as proteins. To survive, we will have to rely on science. 

Secondly, there are definitely more people who have changed their lifestyle and have become vegetarian or vegan. They are sending a clear message, they want food which does no harm, neither to the animals nor the Earth. Here’s why, to be healthy, there must be processed food which guarantees their demand. 

In a nutshell, to my mind, I strongly believe that it will be very helpful in the future to stay healthy as long as research finds a way to stop overusing damaging products. What’s more, finds salutary ones as a substitute to produce our meals. Despite that, I think that this will make natural food non-affordable. 


These days, processed food is a much-talked about topic because more and more people worry about what they eat. Lots of them only eat ecological food and they are even vegan. 

In my opinion, I think that processed food is a good option to fight hunger in the world, because with some chemical treatment we can lengthen the good state of food and therefore we extend its shelf-life. 

However, not all aspects of processed food are good, because nowadays, industries genetically modify the natural state of food and this implies the introduction of chemicals, gases or even the removal of vitamins or fiber from food. I think that we should be careful with what we buy and we should try to eat ecological food without sweeteners or additives to improve our quality of life. In some cases, such as milk, processing food is necessary for safe human consumption. 

In conclusion, I think that processed food is a good option to end world hunger, but we have to keep in mind that we aren’t eating natural food so we have to prevent its abuse.

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