14 January 2018


These days many people are taking up sport as a way to get fit or deal with stress, but some of them are taking it too far, to the point that they are not healthy any more.

On the one hand, there is a certain amount of people who have become addicted and that is due to the fact that exercise shares similarities with drug-taking behavior. Moreover, addicted people are taking performance-enhancement drugs even though they don’t need them, but they want more and more. Personally, I reckon that this is not healthy at all, they are pushing their body to the limit and this can have bad health consequences. 

On the other hand, there are many people who are overweight because they are always lying on the sofa and not exercising at all. In my opinion, people with this eating disorder are as sick as addicts. 

On the whole, no extreme is good, the key is to find the right balance between our normal life and exercise to be completely healthy and happy with ourselves. 
Gabriel Pons 


It is a well-known fact that doing exercise is essential to have a healthy life. However, when it becomes an obsession, it can have negative consequences. 

To start with , as I said before, practicing sport has lots of benefits such as improving our cardiovascular system, it helps us to lose weight, but it’s important to practice it regularly as it will give us energy for our daily life. Secondly, I feel very strongly that the practice of sport should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, we should have a balanced and varied diet and eat moderately. However, it is clear to me that for sure we can sometimes treat ourselves to a good pizza or even fast-food, but not regularly. 

Last but not least, as far as I’m concerned, the obsession with sport and having the perfect physical appearance is really bad, as it can lead us to some serious disorders such as bigorexia or even taking supplements such as steroids which can be dangerous. 

In a nutshell, from my point of view it’s really necessary to do sport but regulating it, not in excess and for sure essentially eat well. 
Gonzalo Sintes


It is widely known that working out frequently is necessary for our body, and due to this, lots of people start to exercise to maintain their health and disconnect from their work and household problems. But, what we don’t know is that they might become addicted to it. 

Many people do a lot of sport and then, when they are at home, they are still thinking about it, and despite seeing it as a hobby, now it has become a need, so every day they workout longer. Consequently, they can’t stop and their goal is to go further and further. 

Another reason is that some amateur people take performance-enhancement drugs to improve their marks or achieve their goals. For instance, an average runner who is not well-prepared to finish a marathon, may take them. 

To sum up, sport is necessary, but it shouldn’t become a need, therefore, we have to practice it appropriately and moderately as a way to relax. 
Rafel Andreu 

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