7 October 2016

Can video games affect teenagers behaviour?

Contemporary culture has brought us new technologies such as video games, which are played by all people but teenagers are the biggest group. Nowadays, video games have become object of controversy. Nevertheless there are other kind of activities for teenagers.

Video games can produce some types of disease like losing eyesight (if you spend lot of time in front of a screen) or putting on weight. However, there are other activities including team sports that could make teenagers exercice and be in contact with other kids. In addition, they can be addictive causing personal isolation, your marks will change the same as your social life and cause you stress. Moreover, some aren’t appropriate for children because they contain lots of violence, modifying children’s behaviour. Therefore, there are some artistic activities like painting that could calm children’s behaviour.

All in all, video games affect you in different ways but they have lots of alternatives that should be promoted by parents, schools, TV and goverments.

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