14 May 2016

What are your views on tattoos? Does having a visible tattoo say anything about an individual that is relevant to his or her job? Explain.

In recent years tattoos were on the rise, but now many people decide to have them removed when they're looking for a job because there are many preconceived ideas on this issue.

I don't think that tattoos give essential information about the character of a person. More and more people consider that having a tattoo gives you a bad image and makes you seem an irresponsible person, which is just a simple prejudice. Nobody can't be judged by a simple tattoo since there must be many tattooed people who are friendly, generous and concerned with human values, and that's why their tattoo shouldn't be a problem to find a job.

However, others would argue the opposite idea, a small tattoo is not the same (no matter if it's visible or not) as a big visible tattoo covering all your arm, leg or even part of your face. In that case it's true that employers wouldn't give them a job, especially if it implies direct contact with the public.

In conclusion, in most cases tattoos, if they're small, don't say anything about tattooed people because not all of them share the same personality.
Mustapha Bousakla


For years now, tattoos and body decoration have been fashionable. Nowadays this trend has increased the number of people who want to get a tattoo. But is body decoration a good option?

On the one hand, a lot of people want to get a tattoo that will remind them of a relative, a friend or even a date.  Furthermore, tattoos are forever, and they have to mean something especial to the person if he wants it to be in his body for a lifetime.
On the other hand, tattoos have a little problem, if you get a tattoo, it's forever, and you have to be sure what you want to have drawn in your body, because if you want to remove it, I'm sure that it's not going to be inexpensive, and you can't do it by yourself.

To sum up, having a tattoo may be good if you are pretty sure of it, if you have to think about it or just want to leave it for another moment because you have  doubts, don't do it, because you are going to regret it  for the rest of your life.
 Margot Pelfort

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