3 April 2016

Should the use of drones be restricted?

Drone’s popularity has grown shockingly fast during this last couple of years. With the technological advances that we have achieved, these unmanned vehicles can easily perform jobs such as transport or even journalism. But the question is, should their use be restricted?

Surely they can help us in a lot of ways, but they are also really dangerous. Imagine a whole swarm of these robots flying above our heads. They could collide with each other, causing great damage. Besides, imagine what a drone could do in the battlefield; thousands of civilians would be killed due to the lack of consciousness of these machines.

On the one hand, they are really useful tools. They can travel at an incredible speed without having to stop in order to refuel, and without finding any obstacle in their way. Besides, they can also be really useful, for example, while trying to rescue a mountain climber during a storm. On the other hand, they are really difficult to control, and that’s without mentioning how expensive they are. Also, they could pose an important threat to air safety.

In conclusion, drones are really useful robots, but the biggest problem with them is also their main advantage: they are unmanned.

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