1 April 2016


It is normal to share a flat among young people when they have to study in other countries. This new experience could have its good and bad points.

On the one hand sharing a flat is cheap since you share costs with your flatmates, by the way with a good organisation and sharing the housework can create a good atmosphere of living. If you share a flat you have to put rules in order to have a good relationship  with your flatmates and these rules have to be complied with and respected.

On the other hand it can be a problem if flatmates do not respect one another and every person does what they want. Normally, there is often someone who spends a lot more than the others and others that  don’t do  any housework.

To sum up sharing a flat could be a good experience provided that there is respect between and when each person complies with his obligations or on the contrary it could result in chaos. 

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