1 April 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of drones

Drones are the result of technology development which allows us to make our lives more comfortable and easy. Some people see in drones the future of business, however, others only dangers.
On the one hand, drones can be used to transport different types of products, many companies would be able to expand themselves by sending their products to other countries without difficulties. Moreover, drones can be useful in wars in order to avoid so many deaths. Drones could shoot a clear objective and they would never fail.

On the other hand, other people say that not only drones, new technology has become a problem for those whose workplaces can be replaced. There’re many workers who could lose their job because of the use of drones. They are like robots so they don’t have feelings or problems that could unbalance the work. It’s true that drones can be dangerous to humanity because they can hurt people if they stop working while they are flying over a city.

To sum up, I think that drones can be useful if we use them with control and supervise them in order to get good results.

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