2 April 2016

Should the use of drones be restricted?

Nowadays the use of drones is being discussed because everyone can get one since they are in the market. Lots of people and services are using them for their main plans. But the question is if the use of drones is good or bad for us.

On the one hand, the use of drones is ok because you can take better pictures (there is a camera attached), you also can send light stuff more quickly or you even can use them as assistants.

On the other hand, that use is bad because someone can buy a drone and spy on people and places, which is illegal. Military services use drones for war, they spy and destroy places with those long range drones, because they add guns to them. In addition, ordinary people are adding weapons to drones too, and they can kill innocent people. What is more, drones can run out of battery and go down hitting people in the street.

For these reasons drones should be restricted. As I see it, the drawbacks outweigh the advantages.

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