14 January 2018


As far I am concerned, travelling is one of the most common hobbies among young people. Travellers who have visited different countries have different points of view and they are usually more open minded.

First of all, travelling is not just visiting and staying in a country and moving on to the next destination, it is much more than this. It consists of visiting a place with its own history and culture, that makes you look towards the past, contemplating buildings, monuments, pictures and of course, a different landscape, which you are not used to looking at. Secondly, it is a way to share beautiful moments with your family or friends and if you are travelling alone it is a good way to think about yourself. In addition, staying abroad lets you improve your abilities and learn something new about the local language. Nevertheless, people should not forget where they come from.

To sum up, visiting new countries makes travellers better people and these experiences help them to be open-minded because they have learnt new stuff from different places and other ways of life. 

Alberto Sintes

Travelling is a very common hobby but many people think that they cannot afford it.

Personally, I think that nowadays, economic problems are not a hindrance to go on a trip because there are many options that help you to be able to visit many cities around the world. For example, there are applications and web pages that allow you to spend a weekend anywhere for a fixed price. Moreover, with the help of the internet, you can look for the cheapest ticket or choose the most beautiful destinations. 

Another reason is that it is not necessary to travel in a traditional way because now there are train tickets that allow you to discover different cities in a month or digital platforms that allow you to swap your house with other people. 

It is clear that using new technologies, we can travel and visit the best cities. We just have to improvise and be original, look for new adventures and experiences. All we need is time and be willing to travel. 

Paula Llopis 

Going on an Interrail trip is getting more and more popular every year among young students. This is a growing controversial topic among people who think that teenagers are not ready to take such a trip while others say that young people need this kind of experience.

Firstly, it is widely known that travelling opens your mind due to the contact you have with other cultures and traditions. Taking into account that with the Interrail pass you can visit 30 different countries around Europe, I think ti is really worth it. Secondly, this kind of trip is really cheap because youngsters move around by train and spend the night at cheap hostels. Thirdly, travelling for three weeks without your parents or anyone who takes care of you is a good way to become independent and start facing problems you will have to face in the near future. Lastly, it is also true that for some people, being alone for three weeks would be too much and wouldn’t be ready for it.

To conclude, in my view, Interrail is a really important and useful experience and I strongly believe that everybody should do it at least once in their life.

Toni Mercadal


In Britain, more and more teenagers are considering the British trend of taking a gap year between high school and college. Not only can a gap year be taken at this moment but, in my opinion, I think that it’s the best time to do it because most teenagers at this age aren’t sure about what they want to study or what they want to do with their future yet. So a gap year can help them resolve these problems. 

Although many people believe that a gap year means wasting one year, it’s not true because most teenagers who have decided to live this experience end up working. Personally, I believe that a gap year gives you the opportunity to travel to a foreign country, get a first experience job or volunteer abroad. Moreover, many students are not aware of how the rest of the world live, and traveling to other places will help them to mature. 

All in all, I completely agree with this British trend. To my mind, it doesn’t have any disadvantages because students will learn how important a college degree is.

Sara Pons

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