7 October 2016


For the last several years video games have become a really influential part of people’s lives, and it’s increasing every day, And that’s what has turned them into the subject of much controversy.

From my point of view, as everything, video games have their good and bad things, so I understand why there is such controversy. Lots of these games promote violence and most of the times among children who are too young, which makes it difficult for them to differentiate between virtual and real life. On the other hand, there might be games that are right to have a good time alone or with friends. In my opinion, schools should be the ones who encouraged their students to play for moderate periods of time, and then, go out and move their legs.

To sum up, video games can be very harmful and especially if they aren’t used by children at the advised ages. Despite that, they aren’t so bad if they are used for short periods of time, video games can be good for entertainment if guys combine them with other activities promoted by schools.

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