7 October 2016


Nowadays technology has been integrated in our society, for instance, mobile phones or videogames. One of the most controversial ones are videogames because of the problems the cause especially among the younger generation/ among young people.

Firstly this type of games promote a lot of violence, and in many cases, killing is the main objective, so this could create serious problems in children’s lives like being more aggressive. This problem is related to children who play videogames which are for adults. Consequently, if kids play violence games, they’ll not won’t distinguish virtual reality from real life. Secondly, videogames can create addiction, dependence, and lead the youth to be more unsociable. Although videogames cause serious problems, they also have a few positive things such as games that are focused on education or the correct coordination of our body.

To sum up, the disadvantages of online games to mainly concern children, so the solution would be a combination of playing games and doing physical activity, promoted by social media, schools with professional talks or the government.

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