7 October 2016

Video Games

These days video games are the subject of great controversy as some people believe they are harmful. There are many other kinds of leisure activities which are healthier and less addictive.

Firstly, violent video games can make people become violent or agressive. Furthermore they can also be addictive, as when people play them they lose track of time (as I know from experience!!). Moreover, by playing and wasting time on these games people become unsociable and instead of doing exercise or meeting friends they spend their time inside, in front of a screen.
To solve these problems the government should try to promote other forms of entertainment which make adolescents get outside and communicate with other people. For instance, schools could offer extra-activities or trips after lessons or at weekend to help teenagers become more sociable.

In conclusion, the government should do more to avoid this growing problem, by promoting other forms of entertainment as adolescents are spending more and more time in front of screens which can damage their health.

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