3 April 2016

The importance of Drones

Nowadays technology has become an important and essential part of our society. Every time, robotics is more and more useful in our jobs and drones are the most modern devices at present. But how important are they?

Their applications are many. Drones have already been used in military operations because of their discretion and because they are unpiloted which represents no risk to human lives.  Furthermore, they are used to make films  or shoot risk scenes in extreme sports. In addition, in the last few years they have been used to bring the internet to places where the financial means are terrible such as underdeveloped countries.

Some people believe that these drones are a dangerous tool for our privacy because they can be used in order to spy on us. Nevertheless, I think that with some existent laws this is regulated with satisfactory results.

To sum up, I think that drones are really useful in our developed world and in my opinion they will become more and more important in the future.

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