4 April 2016


It's known that one of the most difficult choices that students have to make before starting university is to choose between living in a university hall or sharing a flat with friends or unknown people.

On the one hand, a shared flat is a success if you perfectly know the people you're going to live with, because if you're with friends the experience can be more fun, but it's also easier to be a failure because of the possible fights due to coexistence. A great advantatge is that it is a cheap option.

On the other hand, university halls are a good option for people that are sure about living alone, people that are going to study in a university that could be out of the main city, or people that really want to be independent, but are not ready to share a flat and prefer to live by themselves. So it's a good choice, but the most expensive one.

In conclusion, each option has advantages and disadvantages, and everything depends on what each person really wants or can do with his or her life.

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