5 April 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat with other students

Sharing a flat with other students can be good if you are organized and tidy, it’s a good option because you share the costs with them so you save money which you can use in whatever you want. But choosing the right people is the most important decision you have to take before studying to the mainland

At first, this experience may be fun; you are living with your friends away from home, you can do whatever you want whenever and wherever… That’s amazing! But you have to comply with the studies, because it’s the main reason why you are there.

However , if your flatmates have a relationship and the girl or boy comes to the flat to spend the weekend, they are eating the food you have bought, having showers and wasting more water than if you were just with your flatmates, etc. Those things can cause arguments between flatmates.

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