31 March 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat with other students

Most students decide to share a flat with another student when they go to University, which could have both advantages and disadvantages.

The most important benefit is the economic one: it costs much less than paying the rent and the bills alone. Its supporters also argue that it's important to learn to get along with the others because we will spend most of our time with other people. They add that your housemate might turn out to be a friend with whom you can talk and share experiences, thus not feeling alone.

On the other hand, opponents claim that living with another person implies more restrictions as you have to make decisions concerning the flat with your flatmate and you must be careful so as not to bother him/her. Moreover, cohabitation usually leads to conflicts regarding to paying the bills, inviting friends and doing the cleaning because it's not easy to find someone to share the same rules with.

All things considered, I prefer sharing a flat not only for economic reasons, but also because I'm aware that living with other people is something all adults should learn.

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