22 April 2013




We’ve seen it all too many times lately, but they are such a welcome sign when they arrive on the scene- the therapy dogs, who show up to comfort the humans who have been through a trauma.  Well, they are on the job tonight in Boston. We get the story tonight from NBC’s Kerry Sanders.
For two days,  all 15-year-old David Yepez has heard and thought about are his injuries from the second explosion.
This is Ruthie
But today, David smiled
We have a dog at home. He’s a small Yorkie Terrier
For just a moment ,Luther and Ruthie made the shrapnel  that tore through his left leg and the painful second degree burns almost an afterthought.
It’s relaxing. It kind of takes my mind away from everything that’s going on.
Good morning
Today Lutheran church charities deploy the comfort brigade at Tufts Medical  Centre.  Dogs that have recently been working with other recovering children in Newtown, Connecticut.
Come on , puppy
Quiet peaceful visitors who Leanne Ianne says set her nerves at ease just hours before the surgery on her wounded leg.
Animals, you know, they just have a different sense, you know. They don’t talk back to you.
Oh, my goodness! Hi!
The comfort dogs are like furry therapists and it is not just those who were injured that need relief. How nice is it for you to have just a different moment here with a dog?
My stress level has gone way down.
They sense love. They sense that somebody is caring and they sense that in the midst of darkness there is light.
This is Luther.
Companionship, compassion and comfort when it’s needed the most.
You are a big puppy for two.
Kerry Sanders, NBC news, Boston

show up: aparecer
be through: pasar por
shrapnel: metralla
afterthought: algo secundario
take one's mind away from: distraer
deploy: desplegar
set sb's nerves at ease: tranquiliza
comfort: consuelo
furry: peludo (animal)
go way down: bajar muchísimo

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